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Pond Cleaning Across Reading

With decades of experience in pond cleaning throughout Reading and Berkshire, look no further than Aqua Design and Landscaping to help make your pond water crystal clear. 

From cleaning out your pond filters to removing leaves and debris from your Reading garden pond; our pond cleaning service will help keep your fishes and plants healthy.

Over time, your garden pond can become riddled with dirt and algae, causing a thick sludge that will affect both the health and wellbeing of your fishes and plants. So it is important that you get pond cleaning from the specialist team at Aqua Design and Landscaping as soon as possible. 

Being one of Berkshire and Reading's leading garden pond cleaning service, we always ensure that your pond remains clear and that all your pumps, filters and other pond equipment are unblocked. 

To discuss the requirements of your pond equipment, get in touch with Aqua Design and Landscaping today by calling 07837 497169 to arrange for one of our experienced team to visit your Reading domestic or commercial property and undertake immediate pond cleaning for you.

Professional and regular pond cleaning carried out across Reading

The best way to ensure a healthy and clean garden pond environment for any fish, plants or other animal life is professional and regular cleaning. That is exactly why we provide in our two stages of pond cleaning;

Specialist fish holding

Specialist fish holding

When cleaning out any Reading garden pond of any size, the most essential thing is to ensure that any fish are relaxed and stress-free during the entire pond cleaning process.

That is why we always provide an additional and comfortable holding tank in which to store any fish. The tank is able to cater for garden ponds, ranging from 50 up to 2,000 gallons, and is ideal and large enough to comfortably hold Koi carp.

Clean out, including jet wash

Once we have safely removed your fish from your Reading garden pond and place them in the comfortable holding tank, we will start the main stage of the pond cleaning process.

We will utilise a specialist high-powered and efficient water jet to accurately, safely and quickly clean your tank until all moss, grime and dirt has been removed. Alongside this, we will also dismantle and clean your pond filters and pumps to ensure that water flows correctly at all times.

Jet Wash